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Katie Humphrey

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The following statement was issued by the Catholic Women Speak Network on 26th September 2017: Rebecca Bratten Weiss is a member of Catholic Women Speak (CWS) – an international network of nearly 900 Catholic women committed to defending women’s right to speak and be heard inside as well as outside the Church. That is the


Confessions of a Buried Survivor

First published by CWS member Shielding Cournoyer on 8th September 2017: My burial began the day that I was kidnapped. I was two then.  Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and categorically adorable.  If my parents were the home-owning sort, maybe I’d be news.  As it was, I had a schizophrenic father in jail on a dine-and-dash turned assault-on-a-cop.  I


September Reflections

CWS member Margaret Susan Thompson shares some personal reflections on teaching. This Blog first appeared on the IHM Sisters website in September 2017. When I was a child, I waited for September with eagerness, excitement and anticipation. I loved school. School was where I got to wear my new clothes (always dresses) and where


When Christian Women Tell You What We Hear – Blog by Rebecca Bratten Weiss

This blog by CWS member Rebecca Bratten Weiss first appeared on Patheos website on April 24, 2017. A few days ago on Twitter, Christian feminist writer Sarah Bessey started a conversation about the misogynistic things that “only Christian women hear.” And it went wild. Women (and a few men) of all denominations shared their