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How the Religious Right Prepares Women to be Victims of Rape Culture – Rebecca Bratten Weiss

Rebecca Bratten Weiss writes about sexism, abuse and politics in her latest article originally published on 12th November 2017. You’re a young woman emerging from far-right religious circles, where modesty is a cult and male authority is ordained by God. You are accustomed to regarding your body as a source of sin. Being


Rebecca Bratten Weiss on Pro-Life, Empathy and Activism

WHEN REALITIES COLLIDE: A PRO-LIFE ACTIVIST SUGGESTS A CHANGE OF DIRECTION FOR THOSE CAMPAIGNING FOR THE ABOLITION OF THE ABORTION ACT 18 October 2017 | by Rebecca Bratten Weiss When I was a teenager, a friend confided to me that she feared she was pregnant. The relationship was futile, her life unstable; she was terrified


Confessions of a Buried Survivor

First published by CWS member Shielding Cournoyer on 8th September 2017: My burial began the day that I was kidnapped. I was two then.  Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and categorically adorable.  If my parents were the home-owning sort, maybe I’d be news.  As it was, I had a schizophrenic father in jail on a dine-and-dash turned assault-on-a-cop.  I