We are Catholic Women Speak

Towards a deeper, richer understanding of the Catholic tradition

We are creating a space for open dialogue, theological exploration and collaboration among Catholic women in the worldwide Church.

We seek to bring the voices of Roman Catholic women into dialogue with others in the Catholic Church, with those in other churches and religious traditions, and with wider society, in order to participate in a deeper, richer understanding of the Catholic tradition and its relevance for our times

We do not speak with one voice

We believe in the creativity of struggle and acceptance that comes from learning to respect our differences. We regard these as vital aspects of the process of discovery and transformation that brings us together in our faith.

Diversity is a strength

We speak as women, not as “Woman”

We resist any attempt to develop a theology of “Woman”.

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In October 2018, women from around the world gathered in Rome for events and activities organised by Catholic Women Speak. We recorded interviews with 14 of these women speaking about their vocations, their faith and their cultures and contexts. You can watch the videos here.
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Sheila Pires of Radio Veritas in South Africa interviewed Tina Beattie about Catholic Women Speak while they were together in Rome in October 2018.
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We are telling stories, not spreading ideologies … If you self-identify as a Catholic woman, you are welcome in this space. …  We’re a forum for women to say what can we claim, what can we rescue and what must we change to make the  Church we love a more hospitable place for women. … Many of our members campaign on different issues, but Catholic Women Speak is not a campaigning group. It’s a forum, it’s a space, and so any individual woman is welcome there, whatever she campaigns on. … We have women from many different cultures, and we have to be sensitive to each another. Language doesn’t travel effortlessly across cultural boundaries. What one person might feel very comfortable supporting and calling herself, another would not. … Our only campaign is to create a space for women to speak. (Tina Beattie)


Catholic Women Speak in Partnership with Voices of Faith

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Zuzanna Radzik (Poland)

Anna Kasafi Perkins (Jamaica)

Catholic Women Speak – Our New Book

Read more about the contents and contributors and order a copy of the book here.
Read about our time in Rome – see our photos and watch our videos.


A forum for dialogue

The purpose of the forum is to create an informed and honest space for dialogue around issues relevant to the lives of Catholic women in the Church and society.

Comments and contributions that are respectful, courteous and intelligent are welcome here.

Whatever your gender, you are welcome to join our conversation here.

What must Catholics believe?

In our private Facebook group, members of Catholic Women Speak discuss  topics of interest across the wide spectrum of Catholic life and faith, ranging from pastoral and personal insights and struggles to reflections on

Gender Theory and Catholic Education

Tina Beattie has written a blog for Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church (CTEWC) on the recent document produced by the Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education - 'Male and female he created them: Towards

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We are a global network

We are the voices of Roman Catholic women from many different cultures, perspectives and walks of life, united by a shared belief that the Church will benefit from greater inclusion of women’s perspectives and theological insights in the interpretation of doctrine and the development of pastoral practice.
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We are an online community of over 1000 women


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Third Workshop for Women in the East Midlands (UK)

What is our calling?  What are our Gifts? We ran our third workshop for women, Saturday 26 October, at St Joseph’s Leicester. There were 37 women, mainly from the Nottingham diocese, but with a few

This Is Not Fine

Article from CWS member Jennifer Reek, originally published on the Sacred Hearts University website.

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Men and women, young people and adults, communicate differently. They speak different languages and they act in different ways. Everyone has something to contribute, because they have their life experiences, they look at things from a different standpoint and they have their own concerns, abilities and insights. The unity that we seek is not uniformity, but a “unity in diversity”, or “reconciled diversity”.

 – Pope Francis,  Amoris Laetitiae – The Joy of Love

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This private Facebook group is open to bona fide members who self-identify as Catholic women. It offers a secure and confidential forum for dialogue, awareness raising and theological engagement around issues of concern to women in the Church and society. If you wish to join in the conversation please contact us

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Even though we take full advantage of online communication, we know that this does not replace the value of meeting face to face in groups to support each other. Find out if there is a group near you for you to join.

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Whatever your gender, you are welcome to join our conversation here.

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The purpose of the website is to create an informed and honest space for dialogue around issues relevant to the lives of Catholic women in the Church and society. Comments and contributions which are respectful, courteous and intelligent are welcome here.

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Catholic Women Speak is now a member of Andante – the European Alliance of Catholic Women’s Organisations. Our CWS community includes members from across Europe, and we are proud to be associated with Catholic women working together for unity, peace and understanding in our richly diverse European cultures.

The following is taken from the Andante website:

Mission statement
To be a Catholic women’s voice and be an actor in building a living Europe that works for the common good and gives a more human face to Europe and the world.
Andante works, through its networks in Europe and through local initiatives, for the just participation of women in society and in the church, and for the common good of all people.
Andante encourages and empowers Catholic women in Europe to reach their full potential, both in society and in spiritual life. It brings strength and inspiration to Catholic women in their daily lives and encourages them to be active in their communities and in the church.
Andante contributes to a Catholic Church in Europe which is welcoming and liberating for all.

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The role of ANDANTE is: to inform, to consult, to coordinate and to represent. It will be a platform for Catholic women to express their ideas, to discuss them frankly and with trust, even if they arrive at different conclusions. “We need to establish common values across our different cultures; we should be able to respond to current and emerging issues in a way that reflects Gospel values and our experience as women. We can offer the female vision of the Common Good.”

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We are delighted to collaborate with L’Osservatore Romano in distributing the English translation of their Women Church World magazine through our website.

L’Osservatore Romano – The Sense of Smell

April 2019 With this issue after seven years the publication of women church world is coming to a halt. We have indeed realized that the conditions for continuing our collaboration with L’Osservatore Romano no

In collaboration with Voices of Faith

Catholic Women Speak and Voices of Faith work together to promote the representation and participation of women in the life of the Church. We do this through publications, media promotions, educational activities, networking and social media, and by organising events such as the International Women’s Day conference organised in Rome every year by Voices of Faith, and the symposia in Rome organised by Catholic Women Speak to coincide with Synods of Bishops in 2015 and 2018.

In collaboration with Catherine of Siena College

We work closely with the college which provides an online learning environment for the promotion of higher education in the fields of theology, religion, gender and social justice, intended particularly but not exclusively for women in the global South who would not otherwise have access to university education.

Both the Network and the College are administered by the University of Roehampton in London, under the umbrella of the Digby Stuart Research Centre for Religion, Society and Human Flourishing.

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