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We are Catholic Women Speak

We are Catholic Women Speak

Thank you to all who submitted responses to our international survey of Catholic women. The survey was available in eight languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Polish, French and Mandarin) and we had more than 19,500 responses from 104 countries. The survey is now closed and the data is being analysed for submission to the Vatican and as a resource for further research, information and awareness-raising. All findings and submissions will be made public as and when they are available. 

Please visit this page to learn more about how you can become involved in our preparations for the 2023 Synod.

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Towards the Synod in Dialogue – Week Six

WEEK SIX—WEDNESDAY, 6TH APRIL WOMEN'S VOCATIONS: OBSTACLES AND OPPORTUNITIES All video lectures for this course will be available free of charge here, with a new lecture uploaded

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Towards a deeper, richer understanding of the Catholic tradition

We are creating a space for open dialogue, theological exploration and collaboration among Catholic women in the worldwide Church.

We seek to bring the voices of Roman Catholic women into dialogue with others in the Catholic Church, with those in other churches and religious traditions, and with wider society, in order to participate in a deeper, richer understanding of the Catholic tradition and its relevance for our times

We do not speak with one voice

We believe in the creativity of struggle and acceptance that comes from learning to respect our differences. We regard these as vital aspects of the process of discovery and transformation that brings us together in our faith.

Diversity is a strength

We speak as women, not as “Woman”

We resist any attempt to develop a theology of “Woman”.

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Catholic Women, from across the globe, speak about vocation, faith and culture.

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Published articles written by our members


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Join a vibrant network of Catholic women who all support each other on their personal and spiritual journeys.

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We welcome Catholic women to join our Facebook group to dialogue with us, and to support other Catholic women around the world working for a more inclusive Church.

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This private Facebook group is open to bona fide members who self-identify as Catholic women. It offers a secure and confidential forum for dialogue, awareness raising and theological engagement around issues of concern to women in the Church and society. If you wish to join in the conversation please contact us

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Catholic Women Speak is a worldwide movement. Find out if there is a group in your area that you can join and support.

How to join a group

Even though we take full advantage of online communication, we know that this does not replace the value of meeting face to face in groups to support each other. Find out if there is a group near you for you to join.

Join our conversation

Whatever your gender, you are welcome to join our conversation here.

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The purpose of the website is to create an informed and honest space for dialogue around issues relevant to the lives of Catholic women in the Church and society. Comments and contributions which are respectful, courteous and intelligent are welcome here.

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Please support the work of the Catholic Women Speak Network - helping to create the space for authentic dialogue within the Church. Find out what your funds can help us achieve. Find out what your funds can help us achieve.
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