Project Description

Beth Fritsch

I claim the anam chara tradition of soul companionship as my ministry.

My name is Beth Fritsch and I’m a Soul Midwife and a leader of Retreats.

A lover of the contemplative and monastic traditions, I am also a Benedictine Oblate of St. Scholastica Monastery, Fort Smith, Arkansas. My Celtic ancestry deeply influences my soul work.  I attribute my gifts for love of soul, words, poetry, beauty, music, creativity and nature to my matrilineal Celtic ancestors.  Standing on their shoulders, I claim the anam chara tradition of soul companionship as my ministry.

I help individuals and groups connect with their soul’s essence in order to craft lives full of intention, joy and purpose.  I view my ministry as assistive, supportive and alongside the inner work each soul is engaged in as they transform into and become their best and most authentic selves.

I am a writer, singer and poet.  My creative life is a passion for me and one I am able to use in my ministry.  I have been using poetry to guide my own soul life for over twelve years now.   I am a member of Spiritual Director’s International

“Spiritual direction” is an awkward name for the process to me so I don’t use it.  I use Soul Midwife and Soul Companionship instead.   I feel this is more descriptive of the actual process, a coming to birth process of the true self.

A life long Catholic, I have a complicated relationship with the patriarchal and hierarchical institution.  I support and long for instead the full presence of women in all forms of leadership, ministry and decision making in the Catholic Church.

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