Project Description

Catherine Cavanagh (Canada) D.Min, works as a Catholic high school teacher and chaplain in Ontario, Canada. She engages in social justice advocacy, including calling for greater gender equity in the Catholic Church. 

From Catherine Cavanagh, “Hospitality and  Hope: Reflections of a High School Chaplain” in Visions and Vocations:

I have lost count of how often in my fifteen years as chaplain a student has sat before me and said:  “How do I tell my parents … that I’m gay … that I’m pregnant … that I’m failing … that I’m suspended.”  In that moment, the only response is presence.  I do not know that it will be okay if they tell their parents.  I do not know how difficult their journey will be.  I do not care if they are in any way to blame for their situation.  I can only assure them that I will be with them, and that God is always with them.