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Clare Keogh

“Love really does conquer all, even if it’s in ways we don’t quite see or expect.”

My name is Clare. I was baptised into the Catholic Church as a young baby and completed the sacraments of Confirmation, First Eucharist and First Reconciliation in primary school.

My faith has been shaped by my family, teachers, friends and others whom I’ve encountered along the way, including religious sisters and priests. I’m curious about the world. My faith has changed from being something rigid and known to something that has a few more questions and acknowledges that there are plenty of “known unknowns” out there as well as clearer truths.

I’m a young twenty-something uni student studying Occupational Therapy who loves music (especially singing), writing and reading and nature. I like to see the good in people – one of my mottos is that love really does conquer all, even if it’s in ways we don’t quite see or expect.

I really try to live by the “treat others as you would like to be treated”, by trying to live as non-judgmentally as possible. This includes being patient with myself (a work in progress) and learning not to get too annoyed by other people’s judgements and hypocrisy. Things that get me fired up include the treatment of the marginalised (especially refugees), feminist issues and other issues of fairness/ justice.

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