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Cristina Lledo Gomez

Catholic Women Speak is worth fighting for.

Cristina Lledo Gomez is an Australian/Filipina theologian living and working in Sydney. She recounts a story that expresses the importance of Catholic Women Speak for her:

One morning on the way to school, I was speaking to my daughter Sophia about her Filipina grandmother who is now in heaven but while on earth overcame many obstacles in her life. Despite poverty, abuse, discrimination, and abandonment she educated herself, became vice president of a bank, and worked to help the poor, to mediate relationships on the brink of break ups, and she even helped the relatives who shunned her and made her feel like a nobody.

When she came to Australia, her overseas qualifications were not recognised so she could only work as a clerk/administrator, but her colleagues recognised her talent and intelligence and even her managers turned to her consistently for help. I ended the story with the lesson that life has many injustices and we can’t fight all of them but we can choose to put our energies into those we think are worth it.

Out of the blue Sophia then said: ‘Catholic Women Speak is worth fighting for.’ I was taken aback and asked her why she said that. Her response was: ‘I get that from you. You say it’s worth fighting for. Actually, where is that poster you made for the march? You haven’t thrown that away have you? That was a good sign mum.’

Well, I have to say, I think this might be the universe talking to me.

As the new website prepares to launch, we begin work on another book and look forward to new ways of developing Catholic Women Speak, I thought to tell this story and to reaffirm this important work.

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