Project Description

Gaya Lobo Gajiwala (India) is the daughter of a Catholic feminist mother and a Hindu father. Gaya works as a secondary English Teacher at Oberoi High School, Mumbai. She writes and performs poetry.

(Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt)

“When you are taught your whole life that your identity does not matter, how do you expect women to fight for anything that they believe is important to them? They have never learned to believe that anything is important to them. Even if it is important to them, it doesn’t mean that it’s important to the rest of the world, because the world doesn’t think that they are important.” (From ‘”Feminine Genius’ and the Role of Women: an Indian Mother and Daughter in Conversation” in Visions and Vocations).

Gaya (right) with her mother Astrid (centre) and her sister Nivedita (left)

Watch Gaya and her sister Nivedita in conversation at the Voices of Faith event in Rome on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2018.