Project Description

Mary Deepika (India) is a member of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Patna, India. She is the Chief Coordinator at North East Diocesan Social Service Society (NEDSSS), Kharghuli, Assam, India. She is also the Regional Secretary of CBCI Council for women in North East India, working with the women commissions of 15 Dioceses.  

Extract from Sister Mary Deepika SND, “A Journey Towards Wholeness: Sharing the Fullness of Life with Poor and Marginalised Women” in Visions and Vocations:

My mission is carried out among the community of Sisters with whom I live and work, and among whom I have experienced the hand of God rescuing me from many forms of imprisonment.  Often when working in a team I have had to wriggle out of the prison of selfishness and ego-centeredness. I escaped the prison of fear and inhibition when I had to make daily decisions as a leader of the community.

Sharing the Eucharist every morning with the Sisters and the wider community is a call for me to recognise the deeper reality that we are one, and to live the implications of that throughout each day, especially the giving and receiving of forgiveness. The process of homecoming to peace and security continues in me and in those with whom I live, as we continue to share our life with those on the margins of our society, especially the women.