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L’Osservatore Romano – Women Building Churches Women Building Churches - July 2017 One stone after another, lifted with bare hands to reach the slopes of Potosí. So it was that a group of 50 small women, all of them with black plaits and multi-layered coloured skirts, built the minuscule church perched high above the road to the Cordillera Real, at an


Discovering God Through the Arts – Parsifal – by Melanie Newbould Continuing Melanie Newbould's occasional blogs on faith and the arts: Parsifal And yn þat bed þer lythe a knyght, His wowndis bledyng day & nyght; Lully, lulley, lully, lulley! Þe fawcon hath born my mak away. Parsifal is Wagner’s last opera; the above verses are from the English Corpus Christie carol, which bears a striking


Discovering God through the Arts – Wagner’s Ring II – by Melanie Newbould Continuing Melanie Newbould's occasional blogs on faith and the arts. The Ring II The story of the Ring had got to a point where Brünhilde is asleep, actually on a rock on top of a mountain, surrounded by a burning ring of fire.  The ring and the Rheingold are underneath a sleeping dragon, Fafner.  Wotan


Discovering God Through the Arts – Wagner’s Ring I – by Melanie Newbould

source Continuing Melanie Newbould's occasional blogs on faith and the arts. The Ring I I first encountered Wagner's tremendous Ring cycle when I was around 15 years old or so. Yes—it was because I had just read Tolkien—so I was interested in rings, dragons and things. But of course Wagner's Ring is very different—for one thing


L’Osservatore Romano – The Prayer of Women

download Aquafadas Pulp Motion Advanced 3 The Prayer of Women - June 2017 Prayer is part of the Christian life of every baptized man and woman, in accordance with the invitation of Jesus himself who asks of us ceaseless prayers: “Watch at all times, praying” (Lk 21:34-36). Prayer is the way for every disciple of Jesus, man or woman, to find the


Rhonda Miska Reflects on the Significance of Networks

buy Alien Skin Blow Up 3 In this shared blog, CWS member Rhonda Miska reflects on what nature's networks can teach us about social justice and human relationships. CONSIDER THE MYCELIUM: NETWORKS WILL HEAL THE EARTH April 22, 2017 · by Guest Post · in Ecological Theology, Theology and Culture. · “Conscious Nature” [Photo source: Google Images].   “Consider


Catholic women discuss studying theology

BEATRICE: I have a question for theologians among us. Has being a theologian contributed to personal spiritual growth and clarity, and let's name it piety, or not? How did it contribute (or not)? SOFIA: Well, I'm a church historian, but I'll admit to doing the odd bit of theology now and again. Has it contributed


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