“NO!” – Political Christianity and the Social Responsibilities of Theologians

In July 2019 the Diocese of Dubrovnik in Croatia organised a Theology Summer School on the theme of "Theology and Plurality". They invited four tutors to give lectures and run workshops during the week—Professor Željko Tanjić of the University of Zagreb, Professor Carmelo Dotolo of the Pontifical University Urbaniana in Rome, Professor Pantelis Kalaitzidis


This Is Not Fine

Article from CWS member Jennifer Reek, originally published on the Sacred Hearts University website. 27th June 2019 There is a meme called “This Is Fine” that is so right for our cultural moment it is constantly reworked, reposted, revisioned, reanimated—gone viral, as they say. Begun as a comic by K.C. Green titled “The Pills Aren’t Working”


Women’s Leadership in the Church: Increasing but Incomplete

CWS member Katie Lacz responds to a recent  piece by Pia de Solenni in America magazine about women deacons and women in Church leadership. 24th June 2019 A recent article about what the conversation about women in the diaconate “gets wrong” about Catholic women in leadership, while it rightfully lifts up and celebrates lay


With Gratitude to my Spam Filter

Blog post from CWS member Mary Pezzulo, originally published on 14th June 2019 We’ve been talking about sexual abuse and harassment in the Church for quite some time now; we’ve also been discussing modesty on and off. Interestingly enough, I just yesterday found out that my Disqus spam filter randomly decided on a few words that it


Why does Francis’ passion for justice and unity stop short of women?

Article from CWS member and NCR journalist, Jamie Manson, originally published on 13th May 2019 In June 2016, just after Pope Francis announced he would create a commission for the study of the history of women deacons in the Catholic Church, he joked to journalists, "When you want something not to be resolved, make


Pope wants wider discussion on women deacons, commission member Zagano says

Article from the National Catholic Reporter by Joshua McElwee, reporting on the recent comments from CWS member Phyllis Zagano 14th May 2019 VATICAN CITY — In speaking publicly about the disagreement among the members of the Vatican's commission on the history of women deacons in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis is seeking to broaden the


Theology rooted in patriarchy delays restoration of female diaconate

Article from CWS member Christine Schenk, originally published on the National Catholic Reporter 14th May 2019 Overall I was more encouraged than discouraged by Pope Francis's May 10 discussion about women deacons at the triennial meeting of the Union of International Superiors General. I was pleasantly surprised that the pope was considering a "sacramental decree" about the issue.


Women Deacons, Rachel Held Evans, and the Pushback of Patriarchy

Blog post from CWS member Rebecca Bratten Weiss, originally published on 10th May 2019 Pope Francis’ announcement, a few days ago, that the results of the commission to study the history of the female diaconate were “inconclusive,” was disappointing to many, myself included, yet I was not surprised. For one thing, I’m not sure he’s


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