Looking for Hope

Picture credit René Capone© "A Boy Named Silence" by René Capone © Article by CWS member Tina Beattie, originally published by Tui Motu Magazine. 1st March 2019. Pointing to the cover-up and dysfunction of Church leadership around sexual abuse, Tina Beattie writes that real hope for the Church lies elsewhere. Set


Catholic Women Preach – Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

FEBRUARY 24, 2019 SEVENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME RHONDA MISKA “Turn the other cheek?”  When taken at face value, today’s Gospel seems to present Jesus telling us to be doormats, to simply and passively accept mistreatment.  But this doesn’t square with the Jesus we know:  he challenges hypocrisy and isn’t afraid to question abuses


It’s Not Just McCarrick: Clericalism, Sex and Male Dominance

Blog post from CWS member Rebecca Bratten Weiss, originally published on 17th February 2019 Today the news broke that Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, accused of assaulting minors and harassing adults, was laicized by the Vatican: the first time in history that a cardinal has been removed from his clerical state for sexual abuse. Many,


The Antidote to Clericalism

February 11, 2019 Blog from CWS member Lillian Vogl, originally published on If the problem is clericalism, what is the solution? It is axiomatic that vices cannot simply be eliminated—they have to be replaced with something better, or else they will just come back, often in a form that is even worse. (Cf.


Two Catholic Churches – I’m Staying With One

Guest post from Lillian Vogl on CWS Member Rebecca Bratten-Weiss' Blog. Originally published on 11th October 2018. I’ve been noticing lately that there are two deeply different belief systems found among people who call themselves “practising Catholic.” I’m going to avoid typical labels with all their baggage and call the two groups “Open


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