Say There is a Lady

Article by CWS member Mary Pezzulo, originally published on 13th May 2018 Let’s say there is a Lady full of Grace. Let’s say there is a Lady who is perfect– but not as the world sees. Not a perfect June Cleaver who serves hot breakfast in a flawless manicure and perm. Not some


“I’ll Eat You Up, I Love You So”: Religion Where The Wild Things Are

Article from CWS member Rebecca Bratten Weiss, originally published on 17th May 2018 My two younger children are going through an entirely understandable Maurice Sendak phase, which means I find lines like “we’ll eat you up, we love you so!” shouted through the house, while I go about my work. I was scrubbing


Coding Our Way into Freedom

Blog from CWS member Jennifer Owens-Jofre originally published on 15th May 2018 “You’re coding your way into freedom,” she said.  “Not just yours—all of ours.”  My colleague and I were co-working in the library, and she had noticed that I had begun to weep at my keyboard.  The more closely I attend to my


Catholic Women Gossip About Gaudete et Exsultate

The following reflection is intended to stimulate discussion around some problematic issues that emerge when Pope Francis's apostolic exhortation, Gaudete et Exsultate, is read from a woman's perspective. It is written in a spirit of respect for Francis and of thankfulness for the changes he is bringing about in the Church. Nevertheless, as he himself


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