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We are now raising funds to consolidate our work through the development of collaborative networks.

We are working with religious communities, schools and universities, parishes and NGOs to provide a forum for awareness raising, dialogue and theological enquiry and education relating to the vital contribution made by women to the life and faith of the Catholic Church in all its aspects – theological, pastoral, social and cultural.

Funds raised by the Network will be used to support women in their work for the church through the granting of bursaries, the sponsoring of events, and charitable activities consistent with the aims of the Network. We are working in close collaboration with the Catherine of Siena Virtual College.

All profits from sale of our book will go to the work of the College which offers online higher education courses in theology, religion, gender studies and social justice designed particularly for women in the global South.

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Catholic Women Speak groups worldwide

We believe that women have a crucial role to play in seeking just and peaceful solutions to the challenges facing our world.

We are different in our cultures and contexts, and in our struggles and insights. We do not speak as one voice but as many voices with a common desire to enrich the Church through our differences.

Catholic Women Speak

Our intention is to ask questions and explore issues that do not find space for open discussion in the Church.

Catholic Women Speak

“We are not mere guests – we are the Church, and we wish to be so more intensely.”

Sr Mary Malone

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Please support the work of the Catholic Women Speak Network - helping to create the space for authentic dialogue within the Church. Find out what your funds can help us achieve. Find out what your funds can help us achieve.
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