Catholic Women Speak is a global network of those who identify as Catholic women and who seek to bring about more inclusion of women’s voices within the Catholic Church. This network, which originally started out as an online community, is building up local connections and networks to strengthen all women who are working for greater inclusion within the Church.

We are in the process of establishing a list of regional representatives who can provide advice and support for those wanting to set up parish groups, study events or other activities aimed at enabling Catholic women to feel more fully included and represented within the Church.

Joining, or starting up, a Catholic Women Speak group is an excellent way to strengthen this work.

What some of our Facebook members say:

“I have very much enjoyed being part of such a strong group of Catholic women, and have learned a lot from discussion and experiences shared on this page. I really appreciate all of your devotion and wisdom!”

“This group is my lifeline to my continuing search for knowledge and grace within the practice of my beloved faith. You challenge me daily to tweak my spiritual practices as well as how to more effectively practice the corporal works of mercy.”

“This group of women has been instrumental in my retention of my faith.”

“Through Catholic Women Speak I have found a safe space where I can continue to develop and grow in understanding, enabling me to relate the rich heritage of our shared faith to life through the very challenging issues that are shared, raised and discussed.”

East Midlands Group


Please send us a short message below, mentioning where you live and what you would like to be involved in. We will endeavour to get back to you to link you up with a group in your area, if there is one available. We are also available to help support you to start up your own group, if you so wish.

    We believe that women have a crucial role to play in seeking just and peaceful solutions to the challenges facing our world.

    We are different in our cultures and contexts, and in our struggles and insights. We do not speak as one voice but as many voices with a common desire to enrich the Church through our differences.

    Catholic Women Speak

    Our intention is to ask questions and explore issues that do not find space for open discussion in the Church.

    Catholic Women Speak

    “We are not mere guests – we are the Church, and we wish to be so more intensely.”

    Sr Mary Malone

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