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Catholic women discuss Ignatian spirituality

LAURA: There's a lot of stuff in the media right now about Ignatian Spirituality because of Scorsese's new film Silence. I'm wondering if anyone in the group has ever done a Jesuit retreat or gone through the Exercises? KAREN: I am a Jesuitical trained spiritual director who had to complete the spiritual exercises (either 30 day or 19th annotation) before I could receive

We believe that women have a crucial role to play in seeking just and peaceful solutions to the challenges facing our world.

We are different in our cultures and contexts, and in our struggles and insights. We do not speak as one voice but as many voices with a common desire to enrich the Church through our differences.

Catholic Women Speak

Our intention is to ask questions and explore issues that do not find space for open discussion in the Church.

Catholic Women Speak

“We are not mere guests – we are the Church, and we wish to be so more intensely.”

Sr Mary Malone

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