February 2019

In the common perception abuses have transformed what used to be the most delicate expression of love, the caress – maternal, comforting, or as a farewell to the dying – into an expression in itself suspect and virtually obscene, thereby creating scandal, in addition to violence and pain. In this issue we analyse certain moments of this transformation of feeling, this loss of the innocence of the most delicate of affective expressions, with the intention not only of giving a voice to the weak and to victims but also of healing the wound inflicted on our way of feeling, perceiving and acting. Men can do this too of course, both within and outside the Church. But women can do it better, because in order to understand they have a double gaze, directed both internally and externally: on the one hand the gaze of those who have never had a voice or recognition, and, on the other, of those who, having won a voice at great cost, are able to look at, see and understand the gaze of those who do not have one.

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