Catherine of Siena College is offering a six week course, from 12th November to 21st December 2018, based on the book Visions and Vocations. The course is titled “Women in the Catholic Church – Contexts and Cultures”. It is taught entirely online and the tutor is Professor Tina Beattie. 

The course is designed for all who are interested in the ways in which women interpret and live out their Catholic faith in different cultures and contexts. It explores the challenges and struggles, as well as the hopes and visions, that are part of what it means to be a woman of faith in times of dramatic social change. The course explores how women juggle complex and sometimes contradictory claims as they seek to bring their Catholic faith into creative dialogue with a wide range of cultures and contexts. For some this involves an inspiring and hope-filled journey of faith, for others it is an exhausting struggle against forces of violence, poverty and prejudice. 

The course fee is £170, and bursaries are available for those who cannot afford to pay. Those who successfully complete the course will gain a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development from the University of Roehampton. For more information, please visit the Catherine of Siena College website, or contact

CWS member Leslye Colvin speaks of what it means to be a Black Catholic woman from Alabama USA. You can read more about Leslye and her contribution to our CWS book Visions and Vocations at this link. She is one of many contributors whose stories we’ll be considering in the Catherine of Siena College course, “Women in the Catholic Church – Contexts and Cultures”.