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Catholic women set out on a pilgrimage towards Rome

for dignity and equality in the Catholic Church

Catholic women around the world are uniting to journey together towards Rome on a pilgrimage for the dignity and equality of women in the Church. It will be a time of study and reflection, of prayer and story telling, of walking and talking together in real and virtual pilgrimages as we join our many diferent voices in a single vision of hope, culminating in a gathering in Rome in September 2021.

Events leading up to the Rome gatherings are being organised by the Catholic Women’s Council (CWC), a coalition of Catholic women’s groups and networks representing all five continents and many different countries and language groups. Catholic Women Speak are delighted to be part of CWC and we encourage our members to participate and organise local events. Members of the planning group will be meeting over the next three months, and regular updates will be posted here and on the Catholic Women Speak Facebook page.

For more information, please read the press release at this link.

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