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Dear Pope Francis,

We are Catholic women writing to you from around the world. We thank you for your wise leadership of the Church and for your pastoral concern for the realities of life in all its many challenges and struggles. We welcome the spirit of compassion, joy and mercy that you are encouraging in our faith, and we commit ourselves to working with you and all church leaders for a more just and sustainable world.

We also appreciate your desire to involve women more fully in the life of the Church. In that context we are encouraged to read the new Statute of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life issued on 8 May, 2018. We note that the tone is pastoral, compassionate and non-judgemental with regard to some of the struggles faced by women, including the call to responsible procreation and the acknowledgement of difficult challenges relating to pregnancy and abortion. We are in agreement with all that is said there.

However, we are concerned about Article 9, which reads as follows:

The Dicastery works to deepen the reflection on the relationship between men and women in their respective specificity, reciprocity, complementarity and equal dignity. Valuing the feminine “genius”, it offers a contribution to ecclesial reflection on the identity and mission of women in the Church and in society, promoting their participation.

This makes a number of assumptions about the nature of women, and it suggests that women might be an object of study rather than partners in dialogue. Many of us have serious concerns about the term “feminine genius”, for we believe that the qualities it refers to should be common to all Christians, and are not unique to women. We also think that concepts such as “specificity, reciprocity, complementarity and equal dignity” have yet to be developed and interpreted in a way that takes full account of women’s lived experiences, gifts and abilities.

You often insist that realities must come before ideas, yet as far as women are concerned we still too often find ourselves referred to more in the language of ideas than in language that expresses the rich diversity of our lives in different cultures and contexts. For this to change, we believe that there needs to be a wider and more representative range of women engaging in dialogue with the hierarchy. Your deep and inspiring reflection on dialogue in Amoris Laetitia paragraphs 136 to 141 would be an excellent guide as to how such dialogue should be conducted.

Many of us would be willing participants in such a process of dialogue for the good of individuals, families and communities around the world, and we offer our services to you as partners and co-workers in Christ.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

[This letter was written by Catholic Women Speak and Voices of Faith on 10th May, 2018]


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(We have excluded titles, so please note this list includes many from religious orders, professors and doctors, etc. All signatories are equally important and valued!)

  1. Tina Beattie, London, UK
  2. Chantal Goetz , Schaan, Liechtenstein
  3. Tracy McEwan, Sydney, Australia
  4. Claudette Derdaele, Moncton, Canada
  5. Mary Doyle, Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada
  6. Susanne Andrea Birke, Wettingen, Switzerland
  7. Michele Hull, USA
  8. Kathleen Seltzer , Hillsborough NJ, USA
  9. Rebecca Bratten Weiss, Hopedale, USA
  10. Anne Helene Utgaard, Oslo, Norway
  11. Jennifer Reek, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
  12. Bridget Wilson Hall , Washington, UK
  13. Maria Gemma Tomaino, Firenze, Italia
  14. Laura Tuhela-Reuning, Sunbury OH, USA
  15. Siri-Beate Hanssen , Jessheim, Norway
  16. Lynne McLaughlin, Calgary, Canada
  17. Katarzyna Knas, Fleet, UK
  18. Mary Heimert, Cincinnati, USA
  19. Margaret Watson , Doncaster, UK
  20. Mrs Heather Wears, London, UK
  21. Anne Leonard, St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA
  22. Virginia Saldanha, Mumbai, India
  23. Katherine Jensen, Glen Ellyn, IL, USA
  24. Paula Carthy, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
  25. Paola Lazzarini, Cagliari, Italia
  26. Sheila McGinn, University Heights, USA
  27. Carol Burns , Leeds, UK
  28. Jennifer Owens-Jofré, Berkeley CA, USA
  29. Ellen E. Joyce, USA
  30. Maria Carlos Semedo Ramos, Portugal
  31. Kristina M. Ortega, Los Angeles CA, USA
  32. Ruth Fehlker , Coesfeld, Germany
  33. Annie Burns, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  34. Mary Deeley, Winnetka IL, USA
  35. Laurea Tullia , Roma, Italia
  36. Marie-Louise Ternier, Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada
  37. Eleonora Mineo, Roma, Italia
  38. Weronika Felcis, Riga, Latvia
  39. Antonia Lacey, Oxford, UK
  40. Giovanni Todeschini, Italia
  41. Kate Sotejeff-Wilson, Jyväskylä, Finland
  42. Joan C Prendergast, West Allis WI, USA
  43. Gail Huddleston , Denver, Colorado, USA
  44. Margaret Mohan Meegan, St. Simons Island GA, USA
  45. Angela Silvestre, Napoli, Italia
  46. Erin Lonergan, Collegeville, Minnesota USA
  47. Susan O\'Brien, England
  48. Deborah Niles, Toronto, Ontario
  49. Geraldine Clifton, Birmingham, United Kingdom
  50. Niamh Schutte Byars , Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  51. Rosy Wilson, Dublin Ireland
  52. Carla Eble, Waukesha, United States
  53. Christina Paschyn, United States
  54. Alison Kennedy, Leicester, United Kingdom
  55. Annemarie McAllister, Wigan, United Kingdom
  56. Erik Westerberg , Stockholm Sweden
  57. Julett Clare Broadnac, Fort Worth Texas, USA
  58. Hanneke Ørne Bruce , Oslo, Norway
  59. Gina Caponi Parnaby, Roswell, United States
  60. Clare Prior, London, UK
  61. Alicja Baranowska, Brussels, Belgium
  62. Katarzyna Martynuska, Warszawa, Poland
  63. Rosanna Beretta, Vimercate, Italia
  64. Rebekah O'Keeffe, United Kingdom
  65. Pat Pierce, London, UK
  66. Antonella Marinoni , Legnano, Italy
  67. Anna Bisceglie , Roma, Italia
  68. Erika Hirsch , Temple City, USA
  69. Marie Danielle Vachon, Ottawa, Canada
  70. Leslye Colvin, Dothan, AL, USA
  71. Emily Bryan, Darien, CT, USA
  72. Chris Nunez, Santa Cruz, California, USA
  73. Cara Caponi, New York, USA
  74. Andrea Mérida Cuéllar , Denver, CO USA
  75. Camille Fidgett, UK
  76. Ellen Moore, Bellevue, Nebraska USA
  77. Jacqueline M. Hidalgo , USA
  78. Ann Payton, Deeside, UK
  79. Aisling Welsh, Dublin, Ireland
  80. Susan Coyle, Cambria, CA, USA
  81. Kathleen Mroz, USA
  82. Concetta Licitra, Ragusa, Sicily
  83. Francesca Avitabile, Napoli, Italia
  84. Kerrigan , Westland, Michigan USA
  85. Anne Hansen, Camarillo, California, USA
  86. Martina Towey, Rotherham, UK
  87. Amy Fielder, Grass Lake, Michigan USA
  88. Margaret Hebblethwaite, Santa Maria de Fe, Misiones, Paraguay
  89. Sonia Graziotto, Casale sul Sile Treviso Italia
  90. Maureen Mulvaney, Dublin, Ireland
  91. Jean Mulrooney, Greenbelt, MD, USA
  92. Giovanna Sau, Sassari, Sardinia
  93. Sarah Kelley-Luker, Orlando, USA
  94. Serenella Scaletta, Novara, Italy
  95. Renata Maria Bernardini, Novara, Italy
  96. Maureen Kowker, USA
  97. Brighdin McGurgan, Portadown, Co Armagh, N. Ireland.
  98. Marie Kopp, Steubenville, Ohio, USA
  99. Kate Fortune, Wexford, Ireland
  100. Piera Baldelli, Jesi, Italia
  101. Josephine Smith , London, UK
  102. Madeleine Herbert, Manchester, UK
  103. Margaret Susan Thompson, Syracuse, NY, USA
  104. Sara Damewood, Leesville, SC, United States
  105. Emilia Alonso Sameño, USA
  106. Mary Anne Reese, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  107. Kate Prendergast , London, UK
  108. Kathleen O\'Connell Sauline, Shaker Heights, OH, USA
  109. Alison Kerr, London, UK
  110. Stephanie Sipe, Fairlawn, USA
  111. Kathy Stockman, Cincinnati, USA
  112. Paula Kowalkowski, Mount Prospect, IL USA
  113. Judy Marth, Chicago, IL USA
  114. Linda Diane Marcin, USA
  115. Marie Covington, OPA, Akron, Ohio, USA
  116. Marion Flynn, USA
  117. Mary McKernan, Tinley Park, Illinois, USA
  118. Jean Lupinacci, Oakton, Virginia USA
  119. Frances Kealey, Australia
  120. michelle murray, Sandusky, USA
  121. Cody Serra, Irving, TX - United States of America
  122. Patricia L. Schnee, Fairlawn, Ohio, USA
  123. Scilla Stack, Perth, Western Australia
  124. Ann Pratt, OP, United States
  125. Mary Magee, Downpatrick, N. Ireland
  126. Shirley J Carmody, Hemet, CA, USA
  127. Linda Rogers, Subiaco, Western Australia, 6008
  128. Kathleen Faller, Somersworth, NH United States
  129. Else-Britt Löfdahl, Lund, Sweden
  130. Deborah Jones, Cheltenham, UK
  131. Lovisa Bergdahl, Stockholm, Sweden
  132. Anna Cannon, Reading, UK
  133. Jo Jacques, Guildford, Surrey, England
  134. Mary Kennan, Liverpool UK
  135. Jennifer Killeen, Stafford Springs - United States
  136. Mary Grey, Andover, Hampshire- UK
  137. Judy Onyango, Nairobi, Kenya
  138. Julie Hriffin, Maplewood, Minnesota
  139. Ursula Halligan, Dublin, Ireland
  140. Jeanette Fernandes, Panaji, Goa, India
  141. Ann-Christin Kristiansson, Sverige
  142. Catherine Pickles, United Kingdom
  143. Mukti Bosco, Hyderabad, India
  144. Agnes Brazal, Manila, Philippines
  145. Mary McAleese, Dublin, Ireland
  146. Mary Doris, United States
  147. Joanita Warry Ssenfuka, Kampala, Uganda
  148. Sophie Stanes , London, England
  149. Lesley-Anne Knight, Portsmouth UK
  150. Merlyn D'sa , Mumbai, India
  151. Geralyn Sheehan, Antigua, Guatemala
  152. Simone Campbell, Washington, DC; USA
  153. Helena Connolly , Ireland
  154. R Alphonso, Mumbai, India
  155. Kerstin Persson, Linköping, Sweden
  156. Catherine Brady, Loughborough UK
  157. Elisabeth Froederberg, Malmö, Svezis
  158. Mary Lou Grossmann, Akron, Ohio USA
  159. Katrine Lundgren, Praha, Czech Republic
  160. Petra Dankova, Germany
  161. Madeleine Breen, OPA, United States
  162. Patricia Sheehan, Northfield, Mn. 56057 USA
  163. Maureen M Martin, Evanston, USA
  164. Rosemary Walshe, London, UK
  165. Karin Eriksson, Lund, Sweden
  166. Anne McDonald, Redmond, United States
  167. Emily Reimer-Barry, San Diego, California, USA
  168. Katie Humphrey, London, UK
  169. Jadranka Rebeka Anic, Split, Croatia
  170. Colleen Hennessy, Maine, United States
  171. Anna Kasafi Perkins, Kingston, Jamaica
  172. Anna Casati , Milano, Italia
  173. Sara Milano, Torino, Italia
  174. Alana Harris, London. UK
  175. Peggy Patrick, United States
  176. Sarah Morris, United States
  177. Thérèse M. Craine Bertsch, Sayville, Long Island, New York, USA
  178. Christine McCarthy , New York, New York, USA
  179. Julie Randall, USA
  180. Martha Pollard, Edinburgh, Scotland
  181. Ann Marie Frank, Reading, United Kingdom
  182. Sheena Flynn, Belfast Northern Ireland
  183. Jeannine Pitas, Dubuque, Iowa, United States of America
  184. Joanne Saxby, Yorkshire, UK
  185. Hazel Lobo, Mumbai India
  186. Veronica Camilleri, Cardiff, United Kingdom
  187. Maureen Lobo, Mumbai, India
  188. Stefania Robledo, Napoli
  189. Daniela Davoli, Parma Italia
  190. catherine leneghan, United Kingdom
  191. Emily Kahm, Davenport, Iowa, USA
  192. Madeleine Frissung, Dublin, Ireland
  193. Aurelia Cisternino, Pavia, Italia
  194. Adriana Pieroni , Roma (Italia)
  195. Ana Thea Filipovic, Zagreb, Croatia
  196. Madeleine Fredell, Stockholm, Sweden
  197. Celia Viggo Wexler , Alexandria, Virginia USA
  198. MariaTeresa Martino, Seveso (Mb) Italia
  199. Mary Granger, London
  200. Simonetta Giovannini, Merano (Bolzano) Italia
  201. Franchesca Alamo, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
  202. Laurel Gray, United Kingdom
  203. Mary Cassidy, United Kingdom Northern Ireland
  204. Edith O Nuallain, Ireland
  205. Fabiana Pagoto, Torino
  206. Diane Woodward Wheeler, Fenton, MO USA
  207. Nancy Dudley Kelly, Saint Paul Minnesota United State of America
  208. Teresa Devereux, Leeds
  209. Cristiana Gualtieri , Porto Sant’Elpidio - (Fm) - Italia
  210. Shielding Cournoyer, United States
  211. Neomi De Anda, Dayton, United States
  212. Susan Harford, Reston, United States
  213. Karen Connor, Brentwood, Essex, UK
  214. Serena Noceti, Firenze, Italia
  215. Kathryn Doyle, Brussels, Belgium
  216. Amanda Dillon, Dublin, Ireland
  217. Gianna Beccari, Torino - Italia
  218. Gianna Beccari, Italia - Torino
  219. Mary Campbell, Ireland
  220. Lisa Fullam, Berkeley, CA, USA
  221. Sarah Thomas, Boston, MA
  222. Catherine R. Stringer, Liverpool UK
  223. Catherine Cavanagh, Canada
  224. Maureen Carroll, Ottawa Canada
  225. Katie Sullivan, West Chester, PA
  226. Brinelle Elizabeth D'souza, Mumbai, India
  227. Barbara Battista SP, Terre Haute, IN, USA
  228. Brinda Adige, India
  229. Maria Subramanaian, Bangalore, India
  230. Margaret A. Couillard, White Bear Lake, Minnesota, USA
  231. Lynn Coyle-Darrow, Moorpark, Ca. USA
  232. Denise Heineman York, Alden, New York
  233. Anna María Dacrema, Neuquén - Argentina
  234. Mary C. Weisenburger, Cheektowaga, N.Y., United States of America
  235. Louise Boman, Stockholm Sweden
  236. Jeannine Gramick, Mt. Rainier, MD, United States
  237. Kate Bowes, Japan
  238. Paola Martucci, Roma
  239. Alessandra Bison , Torino Italia
  240. Grecu Ilenia, Novara Italia
  241. Raffaella Tombari , Roma Italia
  242. Carin Zetterlund, Stockholm, Sweden
  243. Sara Letardi, Parma Italia
  244. Jacqueline Baligian, New York, NY USA
  245. Patricia, Moncks Corner, USA
  246. Schwab Beat, Zürich, Switzerland
  247. Jennifer Tait, Chelmsford, UK
  248. Cristina Alonso, Valencia (España)
  249. Patricia D'Souza, Mumbai, India
  250. Moira O'Sullivan, chelsmford uk
  251. Margaret Mary Horton, UK
  252. Ada Yilmaz, Sverige
  253. Margaret Mary Morran, Glasgow, Scotland
  254. Irene Ghezzi, Porto sant'Elpidio, Italia
  255. Sara Grubissa, Trieste
  256. Patricia Jane Gonzalez, Hemel Hempstead, UK
  257. Karen Franczak, United Kingdom
  258. Nuala, Carshalton. England
  259. Stacy Kelleher, Columbus, Ohio, USA
  260. Ann Mc Givern, United Kingdom
  261. Anupama Ranawana, Sri Lanka
  262. Teresa Lenahan, Colchester England
  263. Cristina Lledo Gomez, Sydney Australia
  264. Marquette Stellinguh, Missoul, Montana, USA
  265. Antonia Stampalija, Perth, Western Australia
  266. Lee McCoy, Ottawa, ON, Canada
  267. Kate Kuenstler, Pawtucket Rhode Island USA
  268. Annemari de Silva, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  269. Bernadette Tuffs, Margate, UK
  270. Raffaella Zanacchi, Italia
  271. Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, Mumbai, India
  272. Mary Vanderhoof, Hamilton, NJ, USA
  273. Barbara Belle, Rock Hill SC, USA
  274. Pierluigi Mele , La Spezia, Italia
  275. Gemma Stockford , Hassocks
  276. Francesca Geria, Reggio Calabria
  277. Anna Scantamburlo , Camposampiero (PD) Italy
  278. Deborah Rose-Milavec, Lakewood, Ohio, U.S.A.
  279. Ann Callus, Cardiff, Wales, UK
  280. Sarah Stirrup, Canterbury, UK
  281. Denise Colterman-Fox, Canada
  282. Bernadette Sammut Briffa, Valletta, Malta
  283. Lucy Bagot, London, UK
  284. Ciara Leneghan-White, Brighton, UK
  285. Elissa Cutter, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  286. Paula Hoeffer, Cincinnati, Ohio USA
  287. Patricia Carragon, United States
  288. Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, United States
  289. Andrea M. Hattler Bramson, Bluffton, South Carolina
  290. Cynthia Bowns, Janesville, Wisconsin, United States
  291. Aneesah McNamee, Adrian, Michigan, USA
  292. Deidre Rodriguez , Long Beach, NY, USA
  293. Rose J. Mewhort, Canada
  294. Claire Bidwell, Chelmsford, England
  295. Filomena Piccolantonio, Italy
  296. Pat Brown, Leeds, United Kingdom
  297. Patricia M. Fitzgerald, Canada
  298. Oberson Martine , Maules, Switzerland
  299. Joelle Pereira , India
  300. Gabrielle Barber, Pickering, UK
  301. Rae McKinlay, Ballydehob, Ireland
  302. Dawn Sample, Seatac, WA
  303. Cettina Militello, Roma, Italia
  304. Bren Ortega Murphy, United States
  305. Angelika Mendes-Lowney, New York, USA
  306. Caroline Etienne, Paris, France
  307. Pamela Vuolo Orlowicz, Rutherford, NJ USA
  308. Annemarie Paulin-Campbell, Johannesburg, South Africa
  309. Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson, New York, NY - USA
  310. Terri Paul, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  311. Margaret Tait, New Zealand
  312. Irene Senn , Franksville, WI United States
  313. Rita M. Yeasted, Pittsburgh, PA USA
  314. Sarah Crowley, Hereford, UK
  315. Elena Milazzo, Milano, Italy
  316. Virginia Moffatt, United Kingdom
  317. Teresinha Passarelli Prado, São Paulo Brasil
  318. Elinor Jordan , Lansing, Michigan, USA
  319. Kate McElwee, Rome, Italy
  320. Tasi-Jen, Chao, New Taipei City, Taiwan
  321. Barbara Phelan , Oconommowoc, Wisconsin USA
  322. Venola L. Johnson, Arlington, VA, USA
  323. Karen Farrell, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  324. Christine Schenk, Cleveland, Ohio USA
  325. Marylyn Felion, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
  326. Anne F Edwards, United States
  327. Jo O'Sullivan, Ireland
  328. Catherine Macrae, Pencaitland, Scotland
  329. Catherine Hanisits, Denver, Colorado USA
  330. Sister Deepika, Guwahati, India
  331. Barbara Matrecano, Napoli
  332. Martha HEIZER, Österreich
  333. Angela Moris, England UK
  334. Leitner Ludwig, Oberschützen, Austria
  335. Margaret Callinan, Melbourne, Australia
  336. Nontando M Hadebe, South Africa
  337. Elmar Fuchs, Wängle, Austria
  338. Phil Dunne, Dublin Ireland
  339. Carol Perzy, Litchfield, Ohio USA
  340. Marit Charlotte Steinum, Norge
  341. Pushpa Rani, Bangalore, India
  342. Petra Schäffer, Vienna, Austria
  343. Patricia Sullivan, Beacon USA
  344. Anne Soupa, Paris, France
  345. Leif Stani Leszczyński, Vejle, Denmark
  346. Rachel Gabelman, St. Joseph, Minnesota, USA
  347. Erma M. Durkin, Glen Arm, Maryland, USA
  348. Michele Hull, United States
  349. Ana Marija Raffai, Zagreb, Croatia
  350. Mary Hanrahan , Glasgow Scotland
  351. Pablo Pagano, Salta, Argentina
  352. Pippa Bonner, Harrogate, UK
  353. Mary J Riordan, United Kingdom
  354. Nancy Servoss, Kalamazoo, Michigan USA
  355. Ingrid Farrell, Newton, MA USA
  356. Lisa Horner, United States
  357. Paola Cavallari, Bologna, Italia
  358. Marie Dennis, Washington DC USA
  359. Corinne Richardson-Lauve , Richmond VA, USA
  360. MaryAnn Hinsdale, Somerville, MA USA
  361. Maria McPhillips, Ireland
  362. Joellen Sbrissa, Chicago, Illinois USA
  363. Vivian Olsiewski Healey, Chicago, USA
  364. Therese Terndrup, Columbus Ohio USA
  365. Margaret Gonsalves  Vasai, India
  366. Marion Boden, Hampton Bays, New York, USA
  367. Kara Phernetton, Green Bay, USA
  368. Prudence Cooper, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa
  369. Hannah Myers, Leeds, England
  370. Claire Hall, Rochester, NY
  371. Irena Mangone , Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  372. Martina Fürpass, Vienna, Austria
  373. Marian Williamson, Leicester UK
  374. Lidia Danyluk, South Africa
  375. Anne Smith, Croydon UK
  376. Sybille Dankova, Germany
  377. Pascale Zerlauth, Eschau, France
  378. Elisabeth Werner, Luxembourg
  379. Alice Peyrol Viale, Avignon, France
  380. Judith M. Siqueira, India
  381. Kaija DeWitt, Jersey City USA
  382. Branka Begovac, Zagreb Hrvatska
  383. Genevieve Anderson, Toronto, Canada
  384. Eileen McGowan, Whitby, Ontario. Canada
  385. Susan M Maloney, SNJM, Los Angeles, California, USA
  386. Andrea Casey, Portland, OR, USA
  387. Vivianne Götz, Switzerland
  388. Patricia Gumpinger, Kelowna, BC, Canada
  389. Rut Kovačević Alitović , Zagreb Croatia
  390. Paola Barigelli-Calcari, Porcia - 33080 - PN - Italia
  391. Susan Regina Shaughnessy, United States
  392. Ann Smith , Milton Keynes, England
  393. Nancy Dunne, United States
  394. Jennifer Anderson , Astoria, New York, USA
  395. Maureen Cacioppo, NY, USA
  396. Jocelyn E. Collen, M.Div., Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  397. Boreta Singleton, Bronx, NY, USA
  398. Steph Lorenzo, Sydney, Australia
  399. Nija Vara, Eluru, India
  400. Manju Kulapuram, Ranchi
  401. Carmel Pilcher rsj, Drummoyne NSW Australia
  402. Kochurani Abraham, Kerala, India
  403. Beth Fritsch, Cincinnati, Ohio - USA
  404. Christine Wu, Hong Kong
  405. Clare Gardner, Sheffield, England
  406. Mary Dunn, Southampton. UK.
  407. Elizabeth Archibald, Newcastle upon Tyne UK
  408. Suzanne W Conmy, Endicott, New York United States
  409. Earlene Mara, Pawtucket, RI, United States
  410. Joanna Malecka, United Kingdom
  411. Kimberly Vierra, Bend, OR, USA
  412. Katarzyna Laskowski, New York, USA
  413. Sarah Dolley, Bolingbrook, Illinois
  414. Carolina del Río, Santiago, Chile
  415. Patricia D Grondin, MDiv, Biddeford, ME
  416. Elizabeth Hentges, Champlin, MN United States
  417. Lori Alamia, New York, USA
  418. Martha Núñez Melgar Chávez, Columbus Ohio USA
  419. Rene Reid, Reno, Nevada, U.S. A.
  420. Ann Marie Szpakowska, United States
  421. Mary Cummings, Nashua, NH
  422. Catherine Roberts , Setauket, ny
  423. Gabriela Turmel, Sainte-Thérèse, Canada
  424. Gabriela Turmel, Sainte-Thérèse, QC, Canada
  425. Lorraine Svac, Olalla, Washington, United States
  426. Laura Harper, UK
  427. Regina Mbeng, Johannesburg- South Africa
  428. Clare Watkins, Cambridge, UK
  429. Margaret Anne Iffland, Australia
  430. Valerie Stroud, Liverpool, England
  431. Fabiola Farolfi, Rome
  432. Pam Nair, Brisbane, Australia
  433. Paula Plasky, United States
  434. Zuzanna Radzik, Poland
  435. Adela Kaczmarek, Warsaw
  436. Agata Karczewska, Polska
  437. Agnieszka Piskozub-Piwosz, Krakow, Poland
  438. Martyna Bójko, Warsaw, Poland
  439. Zuzanna Flisowska, Warszawa, Poland
  440. Sara Fruga, Basel, Switzerland
  441. Joanna Pyszna, Warsaw, Poland
  442. Magdalena Dobrowolska, Warsaw
  443. Aleksandra Kopeć, Warszawa, Poland
  444. Joanna Rozga, Warsaw, Poland
  445. Elżbieta Łazarewicz-Wyrzykowska, Poland
  446. Katarzyna Pliszczynska, Warszawa, Polska
  447. Aleksandra Piotrowska, Cracow, Poland
  448. Alina Pavlova , Berlin
  449. Justyna Bargielska, Warszawa
  450. Aleksandra Mróz, Krakow, Poland
  451. Paulina Kubas, Polska
  452. Kamila Trajnerowicz, Warsaw, Poland
  453. Marta Kostecka Korbiel, Poland Krakow
  454. Marta Malinowska, Łódź, Poland
  455. Agnieszka Tobijasiewicz, Cracow
  456. Katarzyna Sroczyńska, Varsavia, Polonia
  457. Zuzanna Pochrzest, Lodz, Poland
  458. Agnieszka Stecko-Żukowska, Warszawa, Polska
  459. Bogumiła Michalska, Polska
  460. Dorothea Wichmann, Bonn, Deutschland
  461. Emilia Pachulska, Warsaw, Poland
  462. Katarzyna Sztop-Rutkowska, Bialystok, Poland
  463. Nawojka Mocek, Poznań, Poland
  464. Maja Szwedzinska-Sikorska, Poland
  465. Katarzyna Czyż, Rydułtowy, Poland
  466. Elżbieta Kwiecińska, Polska
  467. Weronika Graz , Poznań, Poland
  468. Smiljana Kraljevic, Sarajevo
  469. yudith pereira, Italy
  470. Karolina Panz, Raba Wyzna, Poland
  471. Maria Jorsz, Warszawa
  472. Agnieszka Strozyk, Warszawa, Poland
  473. Katarzyna Skonka, Berlin, Germany
  474. Agnieszka Kasprzyk-Mączyńska, Gdańsk / Poland
  475. Clare Kelley, Savannah, GA, USA
  476. Alhelí Málaga Sabogal , Callao - Perú
  477. Zofia Sanejko, Polska
  478. Gertrude Jusufu, Sierra Leone
  479. Anne Arabome, SSS, MIlwaukee, USA
  480. Francina van de Peppel, Wageningen, Netherlands
  481. Marta Siewierska-Stańczak, Kraków, Poland
  482. Karolina Orzeł , Warsaw, Poland
  483. Katharina Wegan, Österreich
  484. Ala Budzyńska, Warsaw, Poland
  485. Anna Kurska , Kielce, Poland
  486. Martina Panzer, Rochester, MN, USA
  487. Paulina Olivier, Cracow, Poland
  488. Ewa Wiatr , Łódź
  489. Anna Hofman, Warszawa, Poland
  490. Jolanta Kokocińska, Koluszki Poland
  491. Mary Lou Falcone, New York City USA
  492. Agnieszka Gorgoń, Dąbrowa Górnicza Polska
  493. Jaime English, United States
  494. Mirjam Scherer, Salzburg, Österreich
  495. Maria (Christy) Szempruch, Arlington, Texas USA
  496. Katarzyna Konior , Rzeszów/Poland
  497. Karolina, Poland
  498. Charlene Valeri, United States
  499. Katya Maria Falla Giron, Italia
  500. Anna Wojciechowska, Varsavia, Polonia
  501. Catherine Ferguson, Spokane, Washington, USA
  502. Elizabeth Ridley, Bedford UK
  503. Anna Sikorska, Dobre, Poland
  504. Magdalena Kozłowska, Poland
  505. Marta Martyniuk, Poznań, Polska/Poland
  506. Barbara Janta, Cambridge, UK
  507. Maja Lisowska, Skawina, Poland
  508. Zuzanna Ślęczkowska, Warsaw, Poland
  509. Borgosz, Warsaw, Poland
  510. Marie Collins, Dublin, Ireland
  511. Lucrecia Martinez, Guatemala
  512. Maria Costanza Alvarez de Castro, Italia
  513. Joanna Martynuska, Warszawa, Polska
  514. Edyta Danielska, Nowy Sącz, Polska
  515. Natalia Matłacka, Radom, Poland
  516. Anna Rożek, Gieraltowice, Poland
  517. Agnieszka Foltyn, Poznan, Poland
  518. Anna Kijak, Dzierżoniów, Poland
  519. Susan K. Sack, Dayton, Ohio USA
  520. Melanie Newbould, Manchester, UK
  521. Uschi Pawlik, Poland, Warsaw
  522. Paula Lee, Littleton, CO
  523. Jennifer Rowlands, Luton, UK
  524. Marzena, Poland
  525. Marzena Jaworska, Poznań, Polska
  526. Catherine Jones, UK
  527. Fiona Ozyer-key, Rotherham, United Kingdom
  528. Marianna Lehman, Poznan, Poland
  529. Charlotte Hamilton, Peebles, Scotland, UK
  530. Louise Doire, Mount Pleasant, SC, USA
  531. Caroline Condon, Arlington, VA
  532. K Kriesel, Austin, Texas
  533. Agnieszka Janiec, Poland
  534. Marta Titaniec, Warsaw, Poland
  535. Joan Comer Wright, Solon, IA, USA
  536. Laura Williams, UK
  537. Jackie Clackson, Denham, UK
  538. Carolyn Fuhrmann, Shoreham by Sea, UK
  539. Lorraine Hay , Derby England
  540. Anna Wallentin, Berlin/Germany
  541. Birgitta Löwendahl, Uppsala Sweden
  542. Norah Hanley, Doncaster, UK
  543. Jordan Pullicino , Ashford, UK
  544. Carmen Siekierzycka , Szczecin/Poland
  545. Maïlys Lemaître, Paris, FRANCE
  546. Marjolijne Koomen-du Maine, \'s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
  547. Mary Ring, Abergavenny, Wales
  548. Deirdre Tuohy, Cork
  549. Greet Vanaerschot, Brussels, Belgium
  550. MaryLouise Chesley-Cora, Hockessin, DE - USA
  551. Margaret Steele, Sydney, Australia
  552. Emilia Palladino, Roma, Italia
  553. Luis Gutierrez, Montgomery Village, Maryland, USA
  554. Pia Kutschera, Duisburg, Germany
  555. Lillian Base, Macedoniakl Ohio
  556. Frances Hastings, SKIPTON - UNITED KINGDOM
  557. Hernando Courtright, New York, NY USA
  558. Jackie Minnock, Louth Ireland
  559. Maria Eicher, Berg im Attergsu, Österreich
  560. Annette Burchardt, Hildesheim/Germany
  561. Filo Hirota , Tokyo, Japan
  562. Cettina Militello, Roma (Italia)
  563. Herbert Bartl, Österreich
  564. Rosa Bartl, Brunn am Gebirge Austria
  565. Christine Dillenseger, Belfort France
  566. Ingrid Jehle, Austria
  567. Birgit Reiter, London , UK
  568. Regina Giebels, Prescott, Ontario, Canada
  569. Nuria Calduch-Benages, Rome (Italy)
  570. Lea A. Hunter, Allentown, USA
  571. Patricia Griffin, Minneapolis, USA
  572. Catherine Wattebot, Coventry, UK
  573. Hazel Cooper, Windsor, UK
  574. Janice L. Poss, Claremont, USA
  575. Anna Jastrzebiec Witowska, Dabrowa Tarnowska, Poland
  576. Christine Schaffer-Reinsperger, Lilienfeld, Österreich
  577. Marta Janiec, Poznań
  578. Marianne Pachler, Strass, Austria
  579. Guccione Enza, Nigeria
  580. Iris Brenk, Portland, Oregon, USA
  581. Grażyna Szwat-Gylybowa, Warsaw, Poland
  582. Gudrun Ernstbrunner, Wolfurt, Austria
  583. Barbara Matrecano, Napoli, Italia
  584. Carly Cahill, Boston, USA
  585. Michelle Murray, Sandusky, OH, USA
  586. Louise McGovern, Dublin, Ireland
  587. Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea, Envigado-Antioquia-Colombia
  588. Joan Munson, Canada
  589. Sheila Gregory, Skipton, UK
  590. Gabriela Lis, Edinburgh, Scotland/Szczucin, Poland
  591. Gerlinde Maier-hörl, Österreich
  592. Aleksandra Piotrowska, Warsaw, Poland
  593. Marianne Duddy-Burke, USA
  594. Adelaide Baracco Colombo, Barcelona, Spain
  595. Claire Jenkins, UK
  596. Jennifer Sleeman, Ireland
  597. Helena Granath, UK
  598. Tove Svendsen Valesin, Copenhagen, Denmark
  599. Jackie McLoughlin, Wallington, UK
  600. Bernadette Sultana, Nice, France
  601. Anne Jaquin, Skipton, UK
  602. Rosemary Grundy, Brisbane, Australia
  603. Claire Wiseman, Skipton, UK
  604. Mim Magu, USA
  605. Inês Vieira, Lisboa, Portugal
  606. Elizabeth Brown, Sparta, New Jersey, USA
  607. Pamela Perry, Salisbury, UK
  608. Susan Golden, Bridgwater, UK
  609. Judith Stanton, Dana Point, California, USA
  610. Iona Reid-Dalglish, Hartford, UK
  611. Netta Sheridan, Brisbane, Australia
  612. Mary Rakow, San Francisco CA, USA
  613. Catherine Kelly, Coronado CA, USA
  614. Margaret Burke, Carrum, Australia
  615. Anna Twarowska, Nowe Warpno
  616. Narita Perrotta, Adelaide, Australia
  617. Diane Langworthy, San Diego, California, USA
  618. Susan E. Nowak, Rochester, USA
  619. Maria Johnson, Middletown CT, USA
  620. Patricia O'Shea Creech, Stockton NJ, USA
  621. Lisa Carlin, USA
  622. Marie Lemoine, St-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, Québec, Canada
  623. Virginia Gawler, Wagga Wagga, Australia
  624. Dora Amador, United States
  625. Andrea Dean, Canberra, Australia
  626. Shirley Macklin, Adelaide, Australia
  627. Margie Carroll, San Diego CA, USA
  628. Trish Hindmarsh, Burnie, Australia
  629. Therese Martin, Browns Creek, Australia
  630. Marianne Trevorrow, Calgary, Canada
  631. Jacqueline de Jonge, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia
  632. Emily Tan, Melbourne, Australia
  633. Mary Jane Pelletier, Manhattan, USA
  634. Hilary Howes, Greenbelt, USA
  635. Patricia Scarborough, England
  636. Amber Giles, Essex, UK
  637. Philippa Reid Dalglish, Trevone, United Kingdom
  638. Manuela Balett, Aarau, Switzerland
  639. Gill Barber, East Lothian, Scotland
  640. Lynda Wyles, Bendigo, Australia
  641. Magdalena Baer Radermacher, Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany
  642. Mary Rakow, San Francisco, USA
  643. Bessie Aida Pino, Saskatoon, Canada
  644. Kateri Hellman Pino, Saskatoon, Canada
  645. Elizabeth Sharon Gillott, Wakefield, UK
  646. Maryanne von Essen, Cape Town, South Africa
  647. Sandra Lanigan, UK
  648. Margarita Synnott, Ireland
  649. Catherine Enright, USA
  650. Sabrina Stelzig, Hannover, Germany
  651. Veronika Pernsteiner, Vienna, Austria
  652. Pippa Bonner, Harrogate, UK
  653. Bernadette Aichinger, Austria
  654. Andrea Kelly, Prescot, UK
  655. Ritva Maria Jacobsson, Stockholm, Sverige
  656. Elizabeth Eisenstein, USA
  657. Yvonne Frische, Mainz, Germany
  658. Marina van Dalen, Boxtel, NL
  659. Cornelia Rauch, Stuttgart, Germany
  660. Ann L. Clark-Whitlock, Saint Petersburg
  661. Magdalena Kosowska, Kraków, Poland
  662. Margaret Williams, Stowmarket, Suffolk, United Kingdom
  663. Christina Moreira, A Coruña España
  664. Magdalena Kosowska, Kraków, Poland
  665. Michelle A. Scheidt, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
  666. Elizabeth, Busuttall, United States, New York
  667. Anita Marie Bobersky, Castleton On Hudson
  668. Patricia Madigan, Sydney Australia
  669. Elaine Spencer-Clegg, UK
  670. Joanna Barcik, , Kraków, Polska
  671. Jill Kaner, Groveland MA, USA
  672. Maria Magdoń, Warsaw, Poland
  673. Małgorzata Karczewska, Łowicz, Poland
  674. Katarzyna Anna Mich, Warsaw
  675. Monique A. Caillat, Geneva, Swizerland
  676. Aldona Kaminska Achkar , Beirut, Liban
  677. Colette Dempsey, Edinburgh, Scotland
  678. Kasia Cole, UK
  679. Kathryn J Reid, Warwick, UK
  680. Anne Dowling, Melbourne, Australia
  681. Juliana Karomba, Roma, Italy
  682. Kathy Healy, San Bruno, CA, USA
  683. Christine Schroder, CIncinnati, USA
  684. Sharon Guild-Stitt, Helotes, TX
  685. Josie Petermeier, St Louis Park MN, USA
  686. Christine M. Chao, Denver, Colorado, USA
  687. Janet Grierson, Scotland
  688. Pauline Jacob, Asbetos, Québec, Canada
  689. Alexandra Haustein, Offenbach, Deutschland
  690. Ida Raming, Stuttgart, Germany
  691. Betty Jane Schlachter, Troy, Michigan, USA
  692. Zofia Trębacz, Lodz, Poland
  693. Nuala Middlehurst, Whitworth, Lancs, UK
  694. Monika Koplin, Esslingen, Germany
  695. Janet Bromelow , Wigan UK
  696. Madeline Ritchie, San Rafael, USA
  697. Cheryl Webb, Liverpool England
  698. Georgina Gateshill, Beverley, UK
  699. Marni Levinger
  700. Trinity Goldstein, Wayzata, Minnesota, USA
  701. Kate Prendergast, London, Great BritaiN
  702. Colette Joyce, London, UK
  703. Regine Neukamm, Stuttgart, Germany
  704. Mary Smith, Rochester NY USA
  705. Sylwia Śmiłowska
  706. Jaculyn Hanrahan, Coeburn, Virginia USA
  707. Rosie Woods, Liverpool, UK
  708. Cindy Busuttall, New York, USA
  709. Maryse Fox
  710. Weronika Paukszta, Leeds, UK
  711. Marie Sweeney, Columbus, USA
  712. Esther Baker, Liverpool, UK
  713. Christina Mottram, Leicester, UK
  714. Maureen Clarke, Manchester, UK
  715. Mrs Chapeau
  716. Jacquelyn Starkey
  717. Bernardita Zambrano, Antofagasta, Chile
  718. Andrea Dean, Australia
  719. Joce-Lyne Biron, Québec, Canada
  720. Stephanie Molloy, Regina SK, Canada
  721. Gisele Bauche, Saskatoon, Canadian
  722. Michelle Sieben, Denzil SK, Canada
  723. Dorene Steele, Saskatoon SK, Canada
  724. Deanna Rose Von Bargen, Redwood City CA, USA
  725. Barbara Wurzer-Cey, Saskatoon, Canada
  726. Madeleine Brink, Sevilla, Spain
  727. Ysabel Geiger, Tübingen, Germany
  728. Sabina Pathrose, Nagpur, India
  729. Severine Deneulin, Bath, UK
  730. Birgit Kälberer, Stuttgart, Germany
  731. Lisa Thefaut, London, UK
  732. Alicja Rogacka, Stargard, Polska
  733. Patricia Stevenson, Lydiate, UK
  734. Laetitia van der Lans, Deventer, Ollanda
  735. Natalia Sikorska, Wroclaw, Poland
  736. Marta Abramowicz, Gdansk, Poland
  737. Ann Marie Strileckis, Farmington
  738. Barbara Unger, Hessen, Deutschland
  739. Mary Heyser, Yonkers NY, USA
  740. Barbara J. Moore, Fairview Park, Ohio, USA
  741. Mary Jo Iozzio, Boston MA, USA
  742. Barbara Connell, East Haven CT, USA
  743. Denise Mack, Rochester NY, USA
  744. Irena Mangone, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  745. Helen McDonough, Plymouth MA, USA
  746. Karin Heller, Spokane WA, USA
  747. Lorae Boisvert, Kennebunk, USA
  748. Mary Hirsch, Edina
  749. Vicki Mills, Australia
  750. Joan Williston, Lethbridge AB
  751. Eileen Fitzgerald, Erie, Colorado, USA
  752. Kathleen Cleaver, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  753. Lynn Holley Doucet, USA
  754. Mary Manly, Baden
  755. Patricia J. Masterson, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  756. Olga Jean Keefe, Chantilly, Virginia, USA
  757. Monica Stuhlreyer, Monroe, Michigan, USA
  758. Lucy O'Donoghue
  759. Rita Szy, Cleveland, Ohio
  760. Joanne Tenney, Escondido, California, USA
  761. Magdalena Goras, Kraków, Polska
  762. Rita L. Houlihan, New York, USA
  763. Mary Jo Blankemeyer, Loveland, Ohio, USA
  764. Katharine Dahl-Bredine, Oaxaca, Mexico
  765. Judith Barwick Melbourne Australia
  766. Josie P Jersey New Jersey USA
  767. Susan Bernard, Ohio, USA
  768. Sheila Kinnen, Cincinnati, usa
  769. Jo Anne Feldman Louisville, KY USA
  770. Claire Taylor Colchester, UK
  771. Rose Grelis Springfield. Pa. USA
  772. Cheryl Woodcroft, UK
  773. Kathy Ann Gianino, Medford, MA USA
  774. Micheline Laguë, Ottawa, Canada
  775. Karen Judge, San Jose, California, USA
  776. Maureen A Cannon, Eagan, MN, USA
  777. Diane Waldbillig, Saskatoon SK, Canada
  778. Barb DeLeone, Kent, Ohio
  779. Nancy Alzheimer, Alaska, USA
  780. Irene Threasher, Winscombe, UK
  781. Andre G.Vallerand, Pierrefonds
  782. Ruth Berra, Appleton WI, Outagamie County
  783. Patricia Serafini, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  784. Louise DeSantis Deutsch, Cape Cod, MA
  785. Louis Arceneaux, C.M., New Orleans, La
  786. Marguerite Gillis, Sydney, Nova Scotia
  787. Shyrl McCormick
  788. Shirley Karstad, Saskatoon, Sask. Canada
  789. Aleta, Waxhaw, USA
  790. Ewa Siekierzycka, SZCZECIN
  791. Mary McCartney, London, UK
  792. Denay Ulrich, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
  793. Ms Foxhoven, United States
  794. Joanna C Brown, Morgan Hill CA, Santa Clara County
  795. Trainor, Ottawa, Canada
  796. Melinda Jankord-Steedman, Seattle USA
  797. Elaine Jung, San Diego, usa
  798. Annine Parent, Québec
  799. Desirée Steele, Saskatoon, Canada
  800. Zuzanna Zielińska, Gdańsk, Poland
  801. Therese A. Martin, Reston
  802. Kathleen Schuck
  803. Francesca D'Elia, Verona
  804. Deborah Marie Amatulli, Suffolk, UK
  805. Mary Louise Hartman, Princeton NJ, USA
  806. Mary Nordick, Saskatoon, Canada
  807. Sarah Meyers, Califronia, USA
  808. Patricia Megan, Milwaukee WI, USA
  809. Christine Babb, Lyndhurst, UK
  810. Charlotte Sutherland, Bellevue, Washington
  811. Marie Cooke, Glasgow, Scotland
  812. Tillie Aessie, Saskatoon, Sask. Canada
  813. Loretta Whalen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  814. Joyce Meehan, San Diego CA, USA
  815. Heike Rolf, Germany
  816. Malgorzata Justyna Plictha, Lloseta, España
  817. Martha J. Willi, Peoria, Illinois, USA
  818. Carol Gabis, Cincinnati, Ohio, USAAnna
  819. Meg Payne Nelson, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  820. Karen Doherty, Greenport, New York, USA
  821. Mary C. Turowski, Alameda, CA, USA
  822. Danila Bartolinj, Firenze, Italy
  823. Heidi Erdmann, Tacoma, Washington USA
  824. Mrs Always, Sun City, AZ, United States
  825. Edel Grönningsäter, Kristiansand, Norway
  826. Peggy Bischof
  827. Gail P. Kennon, West New York, NJ, USA
  828. Patricia Roloff, Green Cove Springs, USA
  829. Anna Nicolau, Bucharest, Romania
  830. Corina Padilla OP, St Catharine, Kentucky USA
  831. Rose Marie Assad, St Paul MN, USA
  832. Barbara Ashley, Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA
  833. Anna Motyk-Kedzierska, Polska
  834. Rosemary McPhillips, Silver Spring MD, USA
  835. Helen Brennan, Seattle, Washington USA
  836. June Sheatzley
  837. Cécile Vallée, Saguenay, Québec, Canada
  838. Rosalinde Göppel, Herrieden, Germany
  839. Patricia McGrath
  840. Erdmute Krüger, Berlin, Deutschland
  841. Lucie R. Painchaud, Quebec, Canada
  842. Pat Gaffney, London, UK
  843. Patricia Nemec, Houston, Texas
  844. Jauvin Raymonde, Montreal, Canada
  845. Beverly Gronemeyer, Paxton, UK
  846. Colette Marsolais, Joliette, Quebec, Canada
  847. Alice Gombault, Viroflay, France
  848. Gisèle Marquis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  849. Dominique Lescat, Paris, France
  850. Suzanne Rousseau, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada
  851. Christine Catrin, Montréal, Canada
  852. Hélène LeMay, Canada
  853. Dianne Boucard, Longueuil, Québec, Canada
  854. Gisèle Fauchère, Switzerland
  855. Marie-France Lamoureux, Montreal, Canada
  856. Céline Lemay, Bouchervill E, Québec, Canada
  857. Jacqueline Stewart, Exeter, UK
  858. Céline Dubé, Canada
  859. Louise-Édith Tétreault, Montréal, Canada
  860. Yvonne Bergeron, Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada
  861. Claudine Onfray, France
  862. Claude Dubois, Saint Germain En Laye, France
  863. Aleksandra Krygier, Poland
  864. Nancy Kennelly, Chicago IL, USA
  865. Natalie Larose, Québec, Canada
  866. Alice L. Knopf, New York, USA
  867. Pierrette Daviau, Gatineau, Québec, Canada
  868. Thérèse Bouchard, Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, Québec, Canada
  869. Aline DuPaul, Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton, Québec, Canada
  870. Pierrette Pelletier, Montreal, Canada
  871. Mrs Surraco, Redwood City, CA
  872. Audrey Boucher, La Pocatière, Canada
  873. Cushla Quigan, New Zealand
  874. Odette Laroche-Belval, Drummondville, Québec, Canada
  875. Carolynn Kendall, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  876. Rosemary O. Tamayo, Bellflower LA, USA
  877. Ann Plogsterth, New York, USA
  878. Jenny Irwin, Humboldt, Saskatchewan
  879. Colette Lemaire-brady, Drumree, Ireland
  880. Michèle Jeunet, Paris, France
  881. Nathalie Genest, Ottawa, Canada
  882. Eve Winiarski, Stockholm, Sweden
  883. Sue Ingham, Bristol, UK
  884. Irene Nordgren, Sweden
  885. Monique Couture, Québec, Canada
  886. Alexina Murphy, Victoria BC, Canada
  887. Sister of Saint Ann Réjeanne, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  888. Philomena Greene, Dublin, Ireland
  889. Alejandra Elizabeth Marks, New Orleans, USA
  890. Helene Businger-Chassot, Arlington VA, USA
  891. Danielle Chabot, Drummondville, Canada
  892. Stanka Oršolić, Bjelovar, Croatia
  893. Odette Leger, Moncton, Canada
  894. Gisèle Turcot, Montréal, Canada
  895. Evelyne Maloret, St Helier, Jersey, UK
  896. Zofia Trębacz, Lodz, Poland
  897. Christine Connors, Medford, USA
  898. Sylvia Hübel, Leuven, Belgium
  899. Patricia Bushey, Montreal, Canada
  900. Maryanne McNeil, Bridgetown, Barbados
  901. Cathy McLean, Saskatoon, Canada
  902. Leanne Finamore, Manhasset NY, USA
  903. Monique Hamelin, Montréal, Québec, Canada
  904. Sylvie de Chalus, Paris, France
  905. Annie Crépin, France
  906. Sylvie Froissard, Fontenay aux Roses, France
  907. Françoise Jasserand, Montbrison, France
  908. Catherine Wattebot, Coventry, UK
  909. Irim Sarwar, Oxford, England
  910. Mrs Reisig
  911. Annick Guillou, Bordeaux, France
  912. Sophie Reiß, Deutschland
  913. Hannah Goodness, Wisconsin, USA
  914. Maria Rhomberg, Innsbruck, Austria
  915. Alice Priest, Sydney, Australia
  916. Palmira Marconi, Osimo, Italia
  917. Kathryn Larkin, Palm Desert, California, USA
  918. Marie-Dominique Dupuy-Roudel, Lion, France
  919. Gertrude Rompre, Saskatoon, Canada
  920. Jolanta Prochowicz, Lublin, Poland
  921. Janet Lash, UK
  922. Flavia Borgognoni, Verona, Italy
  923. Michele Lambotte, Port Jefferson Station NY, USA
  924. Karen M. O'Connell, Reading MA, USA
  925. Natalia Grochowska, Warsaw, Poland
  926. Lise Filteau, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada
  927. Dorota Łodziak, Poznań, Poland
  928. Olga Szymańska, Poland
  929. Marjorie H. Clough, Pinckney MI, USA
  930. Susa K. Roll, Ottawa, Canada
  931. Simone Majerus-Schmit, Luxembourg
  932. Mary McFarland, Spokane WA, USA
  933. Adrienne Keller, Charlottesville, USA
  934. Aleksandra Adamczyk, Blackpool, UK
  935. Elzbieta Szmigielska-Narbutt, Warsaw, Poland
  936. Siobhan Doyle, Birmingham, UK
  937. Agnieszka Sowińska, Warsaw, Poland
  938. Isabelle Gainet, Bordeaux, France
  939. Jocelyn Rait, Merrickville, Canada
  940. Barbara Golębiowska, Warszawa, Polska
  941. Jane A. Richmond, Mentor OH, USA
  942. Norah Hanley, Doncaster, UK
  943. Viola Mielczarek, London, UK
  944. Marie Patricia Bouclin, Sudbury, UK
  945. Alice Foley, Philadelphia, USA
  946. Rosemary Ganley, Peterborough, Canada
  947. Édith Savard, Ottawa ON, Canada
  948. Yvonne Tregonning, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
  949. Karen Denis, Sherwood Pk AB, Canada
  950. Gisèle Pellerin, Montréal, Canada
  951. Sandra Tesolin, Leamington, Canada
  952. Dorothy Klein, Sudbury, Canada
  953. Alaina Finamore, NY, USA
  954. Janice Nadon, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
  955. Ms Mary, Sudbury ON, Canada
  956. Elaine Milne, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
  957. Madame Magali, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  958. Agata Mendys, Kraków, Poland
  959. Anna Piskorowska-Pliś, Poland
  960. Christine Race
  961. Anna Bienias, Warsaw, Poland
  962. Adelaide Baracco Colombo, Barcelona, Spain
  963. Marie Woodward
  964. Olwen Dennis, Winchester, UK
  965. Elizabeth Macdougall, Wetherby, UK
  966. Emily Westlake, Hertfordshire, England
  967. Marie Barrette, Montréal, Québec, Canada
  968. Aidan Gittens, Liverpool, UK
  969. Katarina Kruhonja, Osijek, Croatia
  970. Katherine Dunkley, Arundel, UK
  971. Mary Grey, Andover, UK
  972. Miriam Duignan, London, UK
  973. Colleen O'Reilly, Newton MA, USA
  974. Cherie Herrera, San Diego, California, USA
  975. Marie Cerny, Toronto, Canada
  976. Claudine Bénard, Paris, France
  977. Monika Popčević, Varaždin, Croatia
  978. Joyce Gadoua, Latham, USA
  979. Johanna Granieczny
  980. Jane Kryzanowski, Regina, Canada
  981. Noraleen Renauer, Ann Arbor, USA
  982. Natasza Majewska
  983. Karin Limberger, Linz, Austria
  984. Vallerand Lise, Gatineau Qc, Canada
  985. Jeannine Renaud, Sudbury ON, Canada
  986. Mari Ulleberg Søreng, Bergen, Norway
  987. Mary Camilleri, Adelaide, Australia
  988. Angela McKay, UK
  989. MaryRose Fitzsimmons, Liverpool, England
  990. Sabine Slawik, Augsburg, Germany
  991. Joan Buckham, Perth, Western Australia
  992. F. Grace Colella
  993. R. Alphonso, Mumbai, India
  994. Elizabeth Young, Melbourne, Australia
  995. Jamie L. Manson, New York, USA
  996. Margo Gravel-Provencher, Dorval, Qc, Canada
  997. Mary-Ann Lennon, Cairns, Australia
  998. Hélène Anctil, Québec, Canada
  999. Giulia Paola Di Nicola, Teramo, Italy
  1000. Melanie Ward, Cambridge, England
  1001. Philomena Billington, Batehaven, Australia
  1002. Theresa Saetta, USA
  1003. Antonietta Cargnel, Milano, Italia
  1004. Michelle Murray, Sandusky, OH USA
  1005. Floria Marshall, UK
  1006. Johanne Brouillette, Shawinigan, Québec, Canada
  1007. Demetra Mills, Virginia, USA
  1008. Deborah Walsh, Bradford, Ontario, Canada
  1009. Joan Mitchell, Saint Paul, USA
  1010. Eileen Quade, Sydney, Australia
  1011. Jeannine Bourget, Montreal, Québec, Canada
  1012. Céline Comeau, Canada
  1013. Barbara Jean Lea, Orange, California, USA
  1014. Jeanne Bousquet
  1015. Constance Létourneau, Montréal, CAnada
  1016. Michelle Beaulieu, Montréal, Quebec, Canada
  1017. Karen Lea, Melbourne, Australia
  1018. Lisette Lemelin, Québec, Canada
  1019. Renata Bedendo
  1020. Sylwia Śmiłowska, Zielona, Góra, Poland
  1021. Filo Hirota, Rome, Italy
  1022. Carla Mantelli, Parma Italia
  1023. Suzanne Gallagher, Merion, USA
  1024.  Denise La Barre, St-Hyacinthe, Canada
  1025. Cécile Grenier, Ville Saint-Laurent, Qc, CAnada
  1026. Marie Majetsky, Mahanoy City, PA, USA
  1027. Huguette Beauchamp, Montréal, Québec, Canada
  1028. Réjeanne Dubé, Ville SAint-Laurent, Qc, Canada
  1029. Katarzyna Barska
  1030. Sinead Duddy, Dalkey, South Dublin, Ireland
  1031. Catherine Caprio, Berwyn
  1032. Cristina González, Parras, Coahuila, México
  1033. Kathleen Van Teylingen, Glendale Heights, Illinois
  1034. Helen Brennan, Seattle, USA
  1035. Margaret Barry, USA
  1036. Barbara Messerknecht, Menomonee Falls, WI, USA
  1037. Barbara Born, Seal Beach, USA
  1038. Maureen A. Cannon, Eagan MN, USA
  1039. Marie Corr, Dubuque, IA
  1040. Ruth Elsbernd, Dubuque, Iowa, USA
  1041. Susan Coyle, Cambria
  1042. Sharon Carelli, Henderson, Nevada USA
  1043. Eileen Kernan, Syracuse, USA
  1044. Joan Missiaen, Toronto, Canada
  1045. Marie Gatza, Monroe, MI
  1046. Carol Boscher, O'Fallon
  1047. Carmela D'Elia, Lincoln, MA
  1048. Diane Karpinski, Cleveland
  1049. Paula Shultz, Holland PA, USA
  1050. Joanne Tenney, Escondido
  1051. Sally Tardani, Norton Shores, MI, USA
  1052. Mary Ann Verkamp, Indianapolis IN, USA
  1053. Catherine Romancik, Ohio, USA
  1054. Barb O'Connor, Springfield, USA
  1055. Patricia Fox, Adelaide, Australia
  1056. Anne Bond, Sydney, Australia
  1057. Elizabeth Finelli, Danbury CT, USA
  1058. Marion Kaple, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  1059. M.B. Hoffart, Minot ND, USA
  1060. Jacqueline Welsh, Los Angeles, California, USA
  1061. Chris Pologa, Baton Rouge, LA, USA
  1062. Valeria Binder, Eastpointe, MI, USA
  1063. Marie Milne, Kiama, Australia
  1064. Julie M. Murray, Cincinnati, OH, USA
  1065. Jennifer Herrick, Umina Beach, Australia
  1066. Ronella McGrath, Aberlour, Scotland
  1067. Marcia Milani
  1068. Judith Ann, Charleston, USA
  1069. Mary Stacey Shaffer, San Francisco, USA
  1070. Bernadette Flanagan, Dublin, Ireland
  1071. Mary Lee Becwar, Cambria
  1072. Christine Burke, Manila, Philippines
  1073. Sue Ferdinando, Melbourne, Australia
  1074. Anabel Flaherty, Bettendorf, Iowa, USA
  1075. Alice Kitchen, Kansas City, USAel
  1076. Renate Rothwell, London, UK
  1077. Delia Sizler, Cincinnati, USA
  1078. Lucille Breault
  1079. Margaret O'Connor, Buffalo, New York, USA
  1080. Jennifer Herrick, Umina, Australia
  1081. Jennifer Close, Brisbane, Australia
  1082. Jacinta Bright, Melbourne, Australia
  1083. Ana Amorim, Melbourne, Australia
  1084. Anne Marshall, Melbourne, Australia
  1085. Cynthia White, Melbourne, Australia
  1086. Lys Crowe, Australia
  1087. Tania Sams, Victoria, Australia
  1088. Christine Mitchell, Melbourne, Australia
  1089. Julia Vnuk, Port Augusta, Australia
  1090. Sandra Starbuck, Cottles Bridge, Victoria, Australia
  1091. Carmella Campione, Wheeling WV, USA