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Narrative Identities: Women as Story Tellers

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The Catholic Church is currently engaged in a two-year process of dialogue, discernment, reflection and feedback, which will inform and guide the Synod of Bishops gathering in Rome in 2023. This initiative is being supported by parishes, dioceses, networks and groups around the world, which are gathering information to send to the Vatican later this year.
     Catherine of Siena College (CSC) is partnering with Catholic Women Speak (CWS) to offer a six week course during Lent, exploring a wide range of theological and pastoral perspectives and personal stories from Catholic women around the world. We hope that this will be a resource for individuals and groups seeking to engage with the struggles and hopes of Catholic women from different cultures and contexts.
     This course was designed by Professor Tina Beattie, Director of Catherine of Siena College. It comprises a weekly recorded video lecture by Tina, a weekly live Zoom seminar, an online discussion forum and access to a wide range of online resources (audio-visual and textual). Those who wish to participate are invited to register through Catherine of Siena College at this link. The cost is £75 for the full six week course, or £50 for members of Catholic Women Speak. We don’t wish to exclude anybody on grounds of cost, so we offer help with funding for those who cannot afford the registration fee. You will see various options on the registration page. We ask you to choose the one which best fits your budget. 
     From the start of Lent, we’ll be making Tina’s video lectures available here on the Catholic Women Speak website and on the Catherine of Siena College and Catholic Women Speak Facebook Pages every week free of charge, for those who want to watch the lectures without the supporting resources and discussions.
     For more information, please contact Dr Anna Cantelmi at [email protected]ton.ac.uk.

(This is a short extract from the lecture for Week One, to give you a sense of what the lectures are like)

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