On Sunday, 14th June Tina Beattie had a Zoom conversation with Kochurani Abraham  from Kerala about her experiences of faith as an Indian Catholic woman during this time of global crisis. 

Kochurani Abraham is a feminist theologian, gender researcher and trainer from Kerala, India. She has a Masters in Child Development from Kerala University, Licentiate in Systematic Theology from Pontifical University of Comillas, Madrid and  PhD in Feminist Theology from University of Madras, India. Her feminist theological sensibilities awakened during her undergraduate studies of theology as the first woman student in an all male theology college and ever since that has been her primary passion and commitment in her many engagements as a social activist, academician and spiritual seeker. She teaches feminist theology in some institutes of formation, conducts Sexuality-Spirituality Integration workshops and Gender Sensitization programmes for youth and adults. As a Senior Fellow of Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), she has researched on the gender awareness of youth and has initiated gender and sexuality education in schools. Her research interests include gender, ecology, spirituality and transformative education. She contributes regularly to journals and collected works in India and abroad and is passionate about bridging the academia and the grassroots for a liberative praxis.

Besides being an active member and former coordinator of Indian Women Theologians Forum, she is also actively engaged in the World Forum of Theology and Liberation. She was the former coordinator of Ecclesia of Women in Asia, an association of Asian level feminist theologians and has been the board member representing Asia for International Network of Societies in Catholic Theology (INSeCT). At present she is the Regional Coordinator of the Indian Christian Women’s Movement for Kerala and the Vice-President of the Indian Theological Association.

Her book, Persisting Patriarchy: Intersectionalities, Negotiations, Subversions was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2019.

Here is a link to Kochurani’s blog, “You are part of me”, which she refers to in the conversation.

Watch Kochurani preaching on the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary on July 26, 2018.