All video lectures for this course will be available free of charge here, with a new lecture uploaded each Monday during Lent.

If you would like to join our weekly live Zoom seminars and have access to the full range of online reading and resources and the online discussion forum for this course, you need to register. The full cost of the six week course is £75 and £50 for members of Catholic Women Speak. We have funding for those who cannot afford the fees, and we do not want anybody to be excluded on the basis of cost. Please contact Dr Anna Cantelmi at catherineofsiena@roehampton.ac.uk if you would like a reduction in fees or a full grant to cover the cost.

During the second week, we consider “Women’s Perspectives on Theology, History and Scripture”. We seek to deepen our understanding of questions such as:

  • The importance of historical research for women-centred narratives of faith
  • Methods of feminist scriptural interpretation in the context of different cultures and contexts
  • The relationship between culture and theology in the formation of gendered concepts of God and the human made in the image of God

Please remember that the lectures include references to coursework and other aspects of the course which you can ignore, since these relate to students who sign up for the Certificate of Continuing Professional Development. We are offering the course as a resource for a wider audience.

You can download a PDF of the lecture with slides at this link.