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Please support the work of the Catholic Women Speak Network - helping to create the space for authentic dialogue within the Church. Find out what your funds can help us achieve. Find out what your funds can help us achieve.
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This is who we are

We are working together to create the space for dialogue, theological exploration and collaboration among Catholic women in the worldwide Church.

Meet some of our members and read their stories


Catherine Cavanagh

"I encourage greater dialogue across difference in our Catholic church and a deeper practice of hospitality, inclusion and solidarity at all levels.  I believe that all of us are called by God to be advocates for each other and lovers of justice.  I think that curiosity, imagination and a sense of humour can take us a long way."


Lynne McLaughlin

"I stumbled upon Catholic Women Speak about a year ago and have, in complete honesty, learned a little more each day since. I feel a bit like Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus as I take in the wisdom and experience of the women in the group, and feel incredibly blessed to be a part of it."


Pippa Bonner

"We need to persist whatever obstacles we encounter within the hierarchical, clerical and institutional church. Jesus challenged some of the institutional obstacles, and with prayer and discernment many of us are called to do the same."

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