Women Church World – Forgotten Women

Women Church World – Forgotten Women

The Greeks called her Mnemosyne. She was the goddess of memory, the goddess who kept the memory of human beings active, making them retain whatever she wished. We have chosen to dedicate this issue of women church world to activities which are exactly the opposite of Mnemosyne’s: to the evil art of forgetting, in its historically most frequently practised manifestation, namely the art of forget…

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  1. Joyce Franceschina February 10, 2019 at 8:45 am - Reply

    My maternal Grandmother was born in Sambuca, Sciacca Italy. She told me that as a child the convent of her local church was destroyed by fire and baby bones were discovered in the cellar. My twin sister thought about this for many years but now know this was true. Grandma never wanted to return to Sicily because of terrible memories.

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