Many congratulations to CWS member and feminist theologian Zuzanna Radzik, who has been nominated along with two others as Person of the Year in the Church category by Poland’s largest liberal daily newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza.

Zuzanna has been nominated along with two priests, with whom she works closely in promoting Christian-Jewish relations in Poland. One of them, Wojciech Lemański, is a well-known priest who was suspended by his bishop. The other, Alfred Wierzbicki, is a Professor of Philosophy, who has recently become famous for interviews in which he denounced the involvement of the bishops in Polish politics.

Voting is open to registered subscribers to the newspaper. It is open until May 15, and the results will be revealed at a gala on May 19.

We are also delighted that support for CWS is growing in Poland, to such an extent that we now have a Polish logo!